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When it comes to international development, freelance administration offers several advantages. A company can hire internationally, without having to set up a subsidiary, while complying with local legislation. This innovative approach offers an effective response to the changing needs of the labor market and is a winning strategy for companies seeking specialized talent for temporary or long-term assignments.
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Questions about wage portage ?

In an ever-changing business world, companies are looking for flexible solutions to manage their human resources and adapt to changing market needs.

Making international recruitment profitable

When it comes to international development, recruiting your first employee abroad represents a major investment, both in terms of financial and human resources. This investment often takes several years to pay off.

Access to specialized international skills

International freelance administration offers an innovative approach that enables companies to access specialized skills while benefiting from HR services tailored to their needs. In this article, we explore in detail the concept of “portage salarial” and how the associated HR services can contribute to your company’s international success.

Wage portage is a simple and effective solution for French companies wishing to expand internationally.

Preliminary analysis: Assessing your potential abroad

Before opting for this development solution, however, it’s important to analyze your potential in the target zone and clearly define your objectives, as well as weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution.

Wage portage : a hybrid professional status

“Portage salarial” is a hybrid professional status, with a tripartite relationship between the “portage” company, its client and the “porter”, generally a consultant. This formula enables self-employed consultants, to offer their services to client companies while enjoying salaried status within a “portage” company. In this model, the ported consultant invoices his services to the client company, which then pays the portage company. The latter handles all administrative, tax and social security formalities, freeing the portage consultant from the administrative management of his or her business.

HR services play a crucial role in the success of freelance administration, providing comprehensive support for both the consultants and the client company. Here are the main HR services associated with freelance administration :

1. Recruitment

Selection of candidates suited to the needs of both the company and the local market.

2. Administrative and contractual management

The umbrella company’s HR department handles the drafting of contracts, administrative declarations, invoices and pay slips.

3. Social protection and benefits management

Ported consultants benefit from comprehensive social protection, including health insurance, provident insurance and unemployment benefits managed by the umbrella company.

4. Advice and support

The HR department provides advice and personalized support to consultants and client companies, to help them optimize their development.

5. Training and professional development

Ported consultants and client companies can access professional training to develop their skills and remain competitive in the marketplace.

6. Dispute and non-payment management

In the event of a dispute with a customer or late payment, the staffing company intervenes to resolve the problem and protect the interests of the ported consultant.

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