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In today’s business world, informed decision-making is key to thrive on the global stage. Whether you are an established company seeking to expand abroad or an ambitious start-up considering entering new markets, in-depth market research is a must to seize opportunities and minimize risks.

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Questions about Market Research?

Beyond market research, the Globallians experts provide strategic advice for your international development in your target geography.

Our experience allows us to provide recommendations tailored to your specific business context yet leveraging a structured, proven methodology. Our analysis and recommendations account for the economic, cultural, market access, competitive positioning, and value proposition dimensions, leveraging the results of the initial market research.

Our advisory services can be provided either immediately following an initial market study or in an ongoing fashion to ensure the rightful implementation of the strategy, tailoring it to new market developments, as needed. Some of our Clients have relied on our Experts’ strategic advice for several years, on a wide range of topics including sales, supply chain, human resources, and administrative issues. Globallians local teams can also join the board of directors of our clients‘ local subsidiaries.

To conduct a meaningful market study, it is key to have a deep understanding of and access to local data sources as well as to existing networks.

  • Industry data and key figures (production volume, imports, market volume)
  • Local Trends
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Presence and positioning of local competitors
  • Market potential (volume, value)
  • Existing distribution networks and their organization
  • High-potential market opportunities

In-depth market research provides all the key facts to enable informed decision-making, while strategic consulting provides the support to implement those decisions.

The Globallians Members, with presence in 60+ countries for more than 15 years, provide their expertise in identifying the market entry and business development strategies growth methods most relevant to your organization and resources and in implementing your international expansion projects, locally.

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