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Globallians, 1st network of country experts in international support

We support you at every stage of your internationalization project. Whether you’re entering a new market, expanding your business in an existing one, structuring your international presence or optimizing your global supply chain, our experts in over 70 countries can provide you with the right solutions for your international deployment strategy, in line with local market realities.

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Our solutions for developing your projects on a global scale

Do you want to successfully develop your business in different international markets? Globallians offers experts’ services to help you access additional markets and achieve the best possible results.
We offer solutions at every key stages of your project, from market selection and business development to HR, industrial implementation, or Merger and Acquisitions.

A global presence

For over 25 years, our locally-based multicultural experts offer their unique professional expertise in international markets.

Why choose Globallians

To benefit from our country experts’ insights and multi-sector experience. Our members are successfull business owners who know how to translate expectations into results.


Frequently asked questions

Globallians is a network of experts driven by the same code of ethics and the same high standards. Expertise is at the heart of our network, giving. This gives us the opportunity to provide companies with realistic, professional and effective support and advice.

Our group has strong business and multi-sector expertise. It is managed by locally based entrepreneurs who are seasoned in supporting international projects.. Our aim is to make exporting and international business possible and accessible to every company. This is achieved by implementing a concrete, structured business strategy based on long-term objectives.

Globallians brings together experienced, recognized, qualified and multicultural experts to advise and support companies in their international development. Our consulting and support services visent à vous aider à trouver les ressources humaines, financières, marketing et techniques nécessaires à la réussite de votre développement à l’étranger. Grâce à notre expertise multisectorielle et multiculturelle, nous pouvons vous accompagner dans la gestion de vos opérations dans différents pays, quelle que soit la langue de ce dernier (anglais, espagnol, chinois, arabe, allemand, polonais, …).

Nous utilisons des outils et des solutions à la pointe de la technologie, efficaces pour différencier les marchés internationaux. Vous pourrez ainsi avoir une meilleure connaissance de vos potentiels clients, collaborateurs, partenaires et fournisseurs.

Globallians brings together experienced, recognized, qualified and multicultural experts to advise and support companies in their international development. We are at your side at every stage of your international development strategy, in over 60 countries. We’re with you from the project set-up phase through to your company’s final entry into international markets.

Our consulting and support services in international development consist of helping you set up a customized strategy and providing operational support for its deployment. This considers all aspects of your business, your brand identity and your company’s specific needs. You benefit from comprehensive support in expanding your services and products into new markets.

Why put your trust in us? The figures speak for themselves. Our international presence spans :

  • +450 multicultural, locally based employees,
  • +60 countries covered,
  • +25 offices worldwide,
  • +19 member companies.

The mission of our network of international development consultants is to guide you towards international markets with peace of mind and in a sustainable manner. Our support is designed to ensure the long-term success of your export projects with the confidence and security of local, multicultural teams with expertise in the target market.

When you choose Globallians, you choose a team with a proven track record. Our expertise is recognized by more than 10,500 successful customers worldwide. We use proven operational solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs. So you can be sure that you’ll be supported and advised by a team that is truly committed to the success of your internationalization strategy.

Thanks to our recognized expertise, our team manages over 1300 projects over a year. They listen to you and communicate effectively with you to understand and consider all your needs. Highly responsive and available, our experts cooperate with you over the long term to establish a good relationship of trust based on respect for fundamental rights and freedoms.

Our international development consulting network has over 70 accreditations as official experts by international support organizations. All our local specialists are fully conversant with the regulations, laws, and administrative procedures specific to each country.

It can be difficult for a company based purely in France or in another country to enter the international market and build a promising future. To help you initiate this change, our advice and support in international development aims to facilitate access to foreign markets safely and efficiently. We’ll help you carry out the various market studies that correspond to the cultural, professional, commercial, and social realities of the countries in which you want to expand your business.

This support will help you to understand the potential problems you may face, but also the opportunities that await you. In this context, Globallians’ experts can help you to carry out :

  • competitor analysis,
  • analysis of target behavior and interests,
  • forecasting.

This information will help you assess the potential of your strategy in this new market. Based on this information, our experts will provide you with high value-added strategic advice to help you implement the right marketing techniques. We can also help you find commercial partners to distribute your products in other countries.

Whether it’s the creation of a subsidiary or a business center, an M&A operation, or an industrial set-up, we’re here to help you succeed in your expansion. Our team of experts in international project support works hard to deliver quality results.

The aim of any company setting up abroad is to raise its profile and increase its sales. Rely on the experts at Globallians to help you achieve your goals and easily win new markets to boost your revenues. We’ll help you build an extensive and diversified customer base.

6. Our international development consulting and support team puts the unrivalled skills of our network of experts at your disposal to help you achieve your goals. Our experts are fully conversant with emerging technical trends in the target country and draw on their in-depth knowledge of the international market to offer you tailor-made solutions.

Our network of experts is highly skilled in a wide range of professions and sectors, enabling us to respond effectively to all your needs. With Globallians, you benefit from tailored advice and support, particularly in recruitment, human resources management and freelance administration.

We put our expertise at your company’s service to help you recruit the profiles you need. Are you looking for a local sales manager or a site manager to strengthen your company abroad ? Our experts will help you find the right candidates for your international development project, in line with your requirements and the realities of the local market.

To increase your company’s sales abroad, you need to put in place marketing strategies aimed at boosting your sales. You need to get to know the key players in your distribution and sales chain. This may not be easy in a country where you face language or cultural barriers.

So let our team help you animate your sales network to boost your revenues. We can also help you with :

  • business development,
  • key account management,
  • agent management,
  • operational follow-up.

The Globallians network, which specializes in helping companies expand internationally, is at your disposal to guide you through the steps you need to take to ensure the success of your expansion project.