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Want to set up a subsidiary ?

Incorporating a subsidiary and setting up a local business offer unique opportunities to extend your Company’s reach and access new markets. Each approach has its advantages, and the best choice will depend on different factors including business objectives, available resources, and market conditions. Strategic planning, in-depth knowledge of the target market and effective management are essential for successful expansion. Whichever approach you choose, setting up a subsidiary or establishing a company are powerful levers for stimulating growth and guaranteeing the success of your international project.

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Questions about setting up a subsidiary ?

In a globalized and highly competitive world, companies are constantly seeking to expand their presence in new markets to increase their growth and influence. The creation of subsidiaries and the establishment of new companies is one of the most effective expansion strategy, enabling them to establish themselves in key regions while benefiting from new business opportunities.

La création de filiale est une stratégie d’expansion où l’entreprise établit une nouvelle entité juridiquement distincte dans un autre pays ou territoire. Subsidiary creation is an expansion strategy in which a company establishes a new, legally distinct entity in another country or territory. The subsidiary becomes an extension of the parent company but operates as an independent entity. This approach offers a stronger local presence, enabling the company to adapt to the specifics of the target market and establish closer links with local customers, suppliers, and partners. In addition, the subsidiary makes it possible to hire a local team to support the company’s development.

Local presence

The creation of a subsidiary enables the company to get closer to its target customers, to better understand their culture and needs, and to propose more appropriate solutions.

Legal independence

By establishing a separate subsidiary, the parent company can protect its assets and liabilities, thereby limiting the risks associated with foreign activities.

Access to foreign markets

The subsidiary facilitates access to foreign markets by virtue of its local presence and in-depth understanding of business regulations and practices.

Tax opportunities

The creation of a subsidiary can offer tax advantages in the host country, enabling the company to save on taxes and increase the profitability of its business.

Successfully establishing a subsidiary or setting up a business requires strategic planning and in-depth knowledge of the target market. Here are some key steps to successful expansion :

1. Market analysis

Conduct a market study including product demand, competition, regulations, and current trends.

2. Assess risks and opportunities

Identify potential risks and evaluate business opportunities to determine the viability of the expansion project.

3. Financial planning

Draw up a detailed financial plan to estimate development costs and expected revenues.

4. Structure selection

Select the best approach for your business, whether it’s setting up a subsidiary or establishing a company.

5. Legal and administrative compliance

Make sure you comply with all local regulations concerning the creation of a subsidiary or the establishment of a company.

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