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Outsourced business development offers a strategic approach to accelerate your company’s growth by drawing on the external expertise of seasoned business development professionals. With this flexible approach, you can benefit from local expert, realize cost savings, and focus on your core competencies while expanding your customer portfolio and accessing new markets.

Each Globallians member has operational and multicultural teams located in the targeted country, giving you instant and efficient access to the local market while limiting your investment risks.

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Questions about Outsourced Business Development ?

When it comes to strengthening your market presence, expanding your customer portfolio and increasing your revenues, business development is essential. However, for many companies, effectively implementing business development strategies can be a daunting challenge. That’s where outsourced business development comes in. This approach enables companies to benefit from the external expertise of seasoned business development professionals to achieve their growth objectives.

Outsourced business development allows a Company to outsource all or parts of its business development to a specialized external partner. Our members are expert in business development and will work closely with the Company to develop and implement effective business development strategies. This outsourcing enables the company to concentrate on its core competencies, while benefiting from a structured, expert approach to stimulate growth.

Specialized expertise

When you call on international business development professionals, you benefit from their in-depth expertise in this field. They bring in-depth market knowledge, proven sales tactics and negotiating skills, helping you gain a significant competitive edge and accelerate the process.

Cost savings

Outsourcing business development can be more cost-effective than hiring and training a dedicated in-house team. You avoid the costs associated with recruitment, training and benefits, and pay only for the services you need.

Flexibility and scalability

With outsourced business development, you can easily adjust resources as demand fluctuates. This allows you to effectively manage seasonal cycles or short-term projects without being tied down by long-term employement contracts.

Access to an established network

Outsourced business development partners have an extensive network of industry contacts. This can open doors and facilitate access to potential new markets and customers.

Focus on core competencies

Outsourcing business development frees up internal time and resources, enabling your company to focus on its core competencies and strengthen its value proposition.

Outsourced sales development: Globallians at your side

Globallians Members, with over 450 employees in more than 60 countries, can take charge of your outsourced business development in each of your target markets. Our teams of bilingual, multicultural project managers give you fast, efficient access to key local customers and partners.

Outsourced business development begins with a thorough analysis of your business objectives, target market and current positioning. Globallians project managers work closely with you to understand your business, culture, and values. They then develop a customized strategy to achieve your growth objectives, using a combination of tactics tailored to your specific needs.

Outsourced business development activities can include:

1. Market analysis

In-depth market research to identify opportunities, trends and assess the competition.

2. Leads Identification

Researching and qualifying prospects to expand your customer base.

3. Lead generation

Setting up targeted marketing campaigns to attract qualified leads.

4. Negotiation and closing

Managing negotiations with potential customers and closing contracts.

5. Performance monitoring and analysis

Monitoring the results of business development activities and adjusting strategies according to the data obtained.

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