What is Globallians ?

Globallians emerged from a key insight : companies pursuing international ventures face unique challenges in each target country. Every market has distinct characteristics, customs, and networks, comprehensible primarily to specialized experts
Nearly a decade ago, Globallians established a network of independent international support companies (SAI), initiated by multilingual business leaders with a deep understanding of diverse cultures and shared core values.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals in international project support, deeply rooted in the regions they serve. Leveraging our expertise and dedication to client success, we closely collaborate with local businesses and both public and private sectors, aiding them in capitalizing on global market opportunities.

Our Values


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Years of expertise across various countries and sectors


For nearly a decade, we've nurtured a robust network with a "shared human ethos "

We are honored and delighted to co-chair such a premier international business support network.

Over the past decade, Globallians has developed a robust, globally recognized network of skilled entrepreneurs and entities united by a shared human-centric vision. Today, our network includes nearly 500 experts across over 70 countries.

Our mission at Globallians is clear: to provide top-tier advice and hands-on support to our partners and clients in their global expansion endeavors, regardless of the target market. Annually, we take pride in facilitating over 1,300 projects.

We are committed to fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, respect, and transparency.

Myriam DEBES and Jean-Pierre LABRY

Capital Export, an independent investment fund, champions mid-market business leaders and their teams in global pursuits. As a fund exclusively dedicated to companies expanding internationally, Capital Export and Globallians are perfectly aligned as strategic partners.