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Operational and independent expert solutions in each country for the success of your international projects.

Globallians is a network of independent companies that are experts in international accompaniment and are specialized by country.


Globallians originated from a simple observation: companies have specific needs in each country they wish to develop in. However, each market has its specificities, its customs and its unique relationships that only qualified experts can understand.

The difficulty faced by those companies and organizations lies not in finding any operators in order to assist them in different countries but in choosing “the right service provider”. One having a genuine expertise in projects similar to theirs, with solutions customized to each phase of their needs. Additionally, those enterprises do not necessarily wish to rely on only one entity introducing them global solutions but prefer to be accompanied by true specialists in each market, having a local expertise and abiding to the requirements of the optimum quality.



Globallians is a network of specialized and qualified specialists, having the same professional code of ethics, the same level of demands, with very high professional and sector-based competences and an extensive capacity to collaborate in international dimensions and be receptive to all projects.

Each member of the network is selected in accordance with the specific criteria :

  • Minimum 10 years of experience in operational accompaniment in his/her country
  • Presence of adequate structures and teams in his/hers areas of intervention
  • Accreditation and audit by official organizations supporting international expansion (regions, banks, chambers of commerce and industry)
  • Multilingual and multicultural teams

A charter signed by each member of the network unifies the Globallians experts with the same quality requirements and a code of ethics of the profession.

With Globallians you can be certain that our experts will advise you on solutions that will meet your expectations and that they will know how to assist you further in your international projects.

The success of Globallians experts is built on the one of its international clients. Your success will be ours !

Worldwide Presence

Our members support you operationally in more than 40 countries

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Our Solutions

All of our member offer tailor-made services at each stage of your export projects

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Our Members

Find out more about the 11 international and opporational support companies in their country of expertise

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Globallians is the 1st network of companies
specialized in international support


Years of experience


Offices located globally


Countries local presence


Multilingual & Multicultural collaborators


International clients supported


GLOBALLIANS provides you with experts in international support in each country to study, set up and boost your export business development


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